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Sunday, September 5, 2010

We're back.....

Since it's officially been 1 year now since I've blogged, and I've felt incredibly guilty about it the entire time, I've made a goal to get back on it. This is a big step for me....making goals that is, but school has just started so it really feels like a new year at the Bernie Household. Here's a quick update:
Melissa started 8th grade and is loving being in the new 6-12 school at Rocky. It's beautiful and fresh and exciting, the only downfall is when her mother gets her to school late and she gets points. That didn't happen when she rode the bus!
Michael is now a sophomore and turns 16 in a few months. I just don't want to talk about that.... He had a busy summer of lifeguarding and golfing and is now thick into cross country. He did really well in Billings this week, taking 6th out of 163 runners.
Emily is a sophomore at Utah State. Living off campus and with none of her last year roommates has been hard, but she is excited about her classes and loves her major, special education. She's only been gone a week, but it's a definite difference in our house when she's gone. She is definitely the life of the party at our house, we miss her.
And Aly...she's in Russia teaching English to 3-6 year olds. She's been there less than a week, and we've only heard from her twice, but all sounds good. It will be a fun adventure to hear about when she comes home for Christmas.

John and I are busy at school and we LOVE having the new school so close to our house. Riding my bike to work is no big deal and just think of all the gas money we're going to save. It makes me smile!

Just one more thing to brag about... this summer Melissa won the Big Horn County 4-H modeling competition for her age group. We had promised if she won we would take her to state fair this year, so off we went with Aunt Meredith and cousin Kennedy (Kennedy had won her age division). Competition was tough and there were lots of girls to compete against, but both Melissa and Kennedy took Grand Champion for Ready to Wear.
Here's Melissa modeling at state and Kennedy, Melissa, and Cassidy Crosby getting their awards at county fair.

Well there you have it, we are busy and scattered all over, but all is well and I will keep things on this blog a little more up to the minute.....we'll see!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Memorial Day

On Memorial day this year we went to my cousin Pam's house. We had a lot of fun. The kids rode on the horses while the adults sat and talked. Here are some of the pictures.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Braces for Melissa

The moment Melissa has been waiting and, believe it or not, hoping for finally arrived this past Monday. You would have thought she was getting Christmas early the way she was preparing that morning. When we arrived at Dr. Bennion's office she was immediately whisked off, before I had even made it in, and was sitting in the big chair with a smile on her face ready to go.

Britt was the dental assistant who worked with Lis and all was well until that HUGE RED mouth sucker was put in. It was supposed to help her keep water out of her mouth but it ripped on her lips and since it was the smallest they had, she was stuck.
But as you can tell, she was still happy when they were done. I think it was the Bite Bottle she got that made her so happy, and the fact that she beat Michael to the braces race line. Poor Michael, broken foot and baby teeth still in place...he feels a little sorry for himself right now and I feel sorry for him too. He had to miss the Scout Winter Camp this weekend because of his foot and got the news that he's going to be in that boot longer than he had hoped. Track season may be major delayed this year, but we're still crossing our fingers that it comes.
**PS: John just called and Emily got first place in the shot put at the first track meet of the year in Greybull. What a girl!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's broken!

Last Wednesday Michael and some friends decided to play a little basketball at the elementary school after he had run 3 miles with his dad. Once girls showed up, I think the game changed a bit. As Michael describes it, "I was trying to go around Trixie (names changed to protect the innocent) when she got in my road and I just came down wrong on my foot. It hurts." Yes, when we saw it 15 minutes later it was also swollen and starting to look scarey. We did the normal parent doctoring, ice, ibuprofen, ice cream..... and didn't worry too much. The next morning....well we were concerned when he couldn't put weight on it and a bluish tinge had appeared.
Long story short and x-rays later, it's broke. Its the first broken bone in our family and we are so proud!

Most disappointed is probably John because track season starts in the middle school in 2 weeks. Such high hopes dashed in 2 seconds. Michael will be out on April 4 if all goes well. We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We want to share 3 significant events with you: First - this weekend we went to Laramie and Denver to see my niece Josie Jeanne get sealed and blessed. How can you describe your feelings at such a tender occasion? Josie is simply a charmer and her family was jubliant all weekend long. Watching her sit on the alter to be sealed to her parents was very peaceful and sweet. She never fussed and the room was full of tears. We love her and look to lots of years of fun with her.

Here is Becky, Josie and Johnathan outside the temple living in the moment.

And this is the group pose outside (something must have been on my lens)

And finally my favorite picture. Johnathan couldn't have been more proud and excited to have this day finally come.

Second: Melissa's dance ended for this year. She had a great season with a couple of great coaches.

(performing at a Rocky Mountain basketball game)

Melissa and her friend Mikaela right after a performance. We thought she did an awsome job!

And Third: Emily was asked to Prom by her good friend Russell. They decided when they were in middle school that they would go to prom her senior year. We came home from school one day to find our driveway all decortated with the prom invite. It was really difficult to take a picture of something so big, we needed to climb on our roof for the right view, but you get the idea. Emily is happy and excited for the prom and we're happy that Russell is the one taking her to her last high school dance.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weekend at Bernies

We had an exciting weekend and got to travel to Utah for some appointments and family time. But first...proof that it really did get very cold last week here in Cowley, WY

That was the temperature in my car when I drove my children to their schools. It got down to -35 while I drove, but I couldn't stop for another picture. I do, however, love the way our home looks in the snow. Nothing is more cozy to me than a white roof, a roaring fire, a good book and some hot chocolate.

After those cold days we headed to Utah, and the highlight for me (besides seeing Alyson) was taking Emily and her friend, Maria, to temple square. I always like the feelings I get when I visit, and then I remind myself that we really should bring our children here more often. It was peaceful, beautiful, and as always, thought provoking. I felt like I had to force myself away since I would have been content to wander there for hours.
My favorite bulding that you can visit on temple square is the Assembly Hall. That stair case is unreal. I'm thinking I want one or two of those in my Heavenly Home!!!And the pipe organ...I know the tabernacle pipes always get the mention because of their grandeour (how to spell it?), but the pipes in this building are so beautiful. I especially like the carvings at the top.And stained glass windows are the greatest. I love the colors as the sun streams in...yes I think I'll take a few of those in my Heavenly Home also! Love that building, but of course this building is number one in my life..
This view is from the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, as you can see, it was a beautiful day ( yes I know I've used beautiful way too much, but it just seems to go). John and I were married there, my parents were married there, my grandparents were married there, and I have ancestors who worked hard to build it there.
The rest of the time I savored every moment with Alyson. She loves her life at Utah State, and I couldn't ask for anything more. We played games, went to a movie (Inkheart!), and had several nice talks. It's nice to see her growing up (grown up?) and so happy.

Here she is enjoying Rock Band with her roommate LuLu, friend Justin (on guitar), Lucas (red hair)and brother Michael. I would say that Rock Band was Michael's highlight of the weekend, but he got to go to a USU basketball game with Aly that was very close and we ended up winning. He was pretty high on that for quite a while. In fact, I'm sure that will be all he thinks of when he thinks of "college life" for a very long time.

Our time with John's family was fun and calm, nice after such a bad drive to get there (bad roads). They were very gracious and good to all of us. We celebrated John's mother's birthday with his brother and his family and had fun listening to cousin Matt describe his upcoming wedding. Lucky for us, we get another Emily Bernhisel on 9-9-09!